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Grape & cherry

The white grape and the red cherry have a lot in common, although they are very different fruits. They are round, have one or more seeds, are juicy and sweet, and can be used to make juice. On the card, however, you can see that the cherry and the grape look completely different despite their many similarities. The cherries usually grow with a sister or a brother on a tall cherry tree. The taller the tree, the better the cherries. The birds are very happy when the first cherry trees gleam slightly red in the sun at the beginning of summer.

On the other hand, the grapes that only ripen after the summer don’t hang on any trees… they hang on small bushes. Unlike cherries, grapes are related in large families with many bunches. The adults have their own name for this, too… they call it vines. But no matter what you call it, when you’re a bit bigger, you’ll taste the grapes and the cherries too… I’m sure!