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High contrast cards “Countryside”

Train & tractor



The train and the tractor are two powerful but also very different vehicles. The train is very big and also very heavy. It can only drive on rails, but on these, it hisses through the landscape at high speed – choo-choo-choo! The train can pull an enormous number of wagons on its rails. Mostly the train pulls passenger cars from city to city. Many people take the train to work or travel to distant cities or countries. Unlike the train, the tractor does not need rails. It can be driven on the street. With its big wheels, it prefers to ride in the field. The tractor is the perfect working vehicle for farmers. It is used to tow trailers on the road or to plow the earth in the field. All working machines needed on the farm can be attached to the tractor and thus used.

See if you spot a train or a tractor on your next walk. Pay close attention to whether it’s a passenger or a freight train, and look at how the tractor is used.