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High contrast cards „Countryside“

Mouse & cat



Once upon a time, there was a little mouse who lived at the edge of the forest in an old brown shoe. Right next to it was a beautiful meadow full of flowers. On the other side of the meadow lived the little mouse’s best friend, a cat. The two friends played in the meadow and in the forest. They jumped and ran through the tall grass and sniffed the colorful flowers. Their favorite game was hide-and-seek. The cat and the mouse used every bush, every tree, and every hole in the ground. They only drew attention to themselves with their voices. The mouse squeaked very softly, squeak squeak squeak, and the cat went meow meow.

The two friends played in nature all day long, until they were tired and went home happy. The mouse returned to its cozy old shoe, and the cat preferred sleeping in a big tree.