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High contrast cards „Countryside“

Cow & horse



Two large animals lived on a small farm, a cow and a horse. They were neighbors because their stalls in the barn were beside each other. Every morning, when the rooster crowed very early on the farm – cock-a-doodle-doo – the horse and the cow were very happy. Every morning they went to the green field. As soon as the door opened, the horse rushed out and galloped across the meadow as fast as it could. The horse ran, jumped, and whinnied with joy. But the cow went out very slowly… even though it was at least as happy as the horse. It went to the pasture and carefully looked around to see where the best herbs and the loveliest grass could be found.

The cow was a gourmet. And so the cow spent the whole day outside, happily tasting the green grass, the best herbs, and always mooing happily. The horse was happy about the time on the magnificent meadow and trotted around happily.