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High contrast cards „Countryside“

Chick & duck



The duck mama was very proud when her little duckling hatched out of the egg and walked across the green meadow. She had never seen such a beautiful and fluffy baby duck before. And the sweet little chick was at least as proud of its big duck mommy because she walked across a large meadow with the little chick and showed it everything in detail – quack quack. The chick listened to its mother with great interest and tried to remember everything well. But when they came to a small pond, the chick was amazed more than ever. Its mama sat down in the water and swam… like a little ship or a leaf.

At first, the chick was scared when it was supposed to get into the water, but after a few seconds, the little chick was swimming happily behind its mommy through the water. With mom by its side, it dared. Yay, how fun the chick and the duck are.