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Dog & doghouse


The dog is man’s best friend. And so it happens that many dogs even get their own little houses in the garden. The dogs feel very comfortable in these little houses. After long walks, they like to relax on a cozy blanket in their doghouses. It is simply wonderful to sleep on these blankets. On the card, you can see a big bone in front of the doghouse. Dogs love bones, and these bones are also their favorite pastime. They bite and chew on it for many hours before falling contentedly asleep, or they bury the bones somewhere to chew them again later.

By the way, there are many different dogs. You’re sure to spot some on the street. There are large but also very small dogs. Some have short hair, and some have long hair. Even in color, almost all dogs differ from each other. Let yourself be surprised by what the next dog that crosses your path looks like.